I don't know about you, but I've had it with the high cost of cable television. My wife and I decided that keeping cable for two or 3 channels was not a good use of our limited resources. We didn't opt to switch to satellite either. We are now only streaming via the internet. Sure, I've had withdrawal symptoms, being the TVaholic that I am, but I'm adjusting. I'm not watching as much anymore and I only watch what I choose...not what just "happens to be on." 

I miss Fox News, but I listen to conservative radio via the internet and the online live broadcasts on Foxnews.com. I want to keep informed and have found that if I really want to I can stay up to date without TV/Cable news anyway. There is such a thing as free "over-the-air" TV after all. 

On a directly related topic. I also cancelled SirusXM. Being at home all the time now, I could not see the sense in paying for something that I can have free. Sorry SirusXM, but your continuous offers to resubcribe are quite annoying. The last rep that called said I could save so much by subscribing at their "special" rate. I told the rep that I could save EVEN MORE by not subscribing at all. That's like going into a store and buying something "on sale" when you could've stayed at home and not spent any money at all!

I know that this is just a short ramble, but was wanting to share my thoughts. I do enjoy tweeting still when time allows, and very rarely posting or reading something on that old thing called Facebook. :-)
Our Nation's leadership in Washington D.C. is in a monumental ideological struggle.  Those of you paying attention to happenings there can plainly see this. It is a continuing (and even escalating) war of Progressive vs. Conservative - the Radical vs. Common Sense.  This struggle is inevitable and has been with us for a very long time.  I woke up this morning thinking about the effect the current heightened atmosphere of outright antagonism is having on "We The People." 

For those in families who are united as either Left-leaning or as Conservatives, there is a feeling of "us against them." But for many families there is most likely a mixture of the Progressive and the Conservative.  This obviously leads to conflict and even alienation or a complete avoidance of the issues facing us as a people.  

I'm not one to choose avoidance in most cases.  I, like many of you, keep in touch more and more through social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter.  How many times have you decided to post an article or news story that is polarizing in today's society? I like to share news and opinion pieces that reflect my values or illustrate what is happening in our Country.  These are meant to be informative or educational.  By my sharing on FB, I've sparked many heated discussions between family members and close friends.  Those the care about what's happening will join in the discussion. One could also say that we should all hold to the old unspoken guideline of "never talk about religion or politics" in social and/or family gatherings. 

My personal challenge is to maintain the bonds of family through loving communication.  However, I must let people know where I stand. 

What do you think about this issue? Is it even a problem in your circle of family and friends?  Where do we draw the line? Or should there be compromise? I see what is happening in Washington D.C. between those on the Right and those on the Left as having a direct impact right down to the family level.  

A final word here as I ramble to a conclusion: don't keep God out of the picture. Continually PRAY for our families AND our Nation.  
It's Independence Day tomorrow.  I've stopped for a lunch break from my work driving freight across our great land to share a few thoughts.  First of all, we ARE a great Nation! Her people are what makes America great! However, we are under mediocre (at best) leadership.  I would even go so far as to say (and I'm not the first by any means) "anti-American" leadership. Our current President has, since taking office, continually pressed for the decline of this USA that we know and love.  We are on the path toward becoming a 2nd rate Country.  This is happening before our very eyes to our increasing horror.  I know I don't speak for the minority of people who call themselves either liberal or progressive, but I do speak for the the many, many more Americans who value the principles upon which this Nation was founded.  More and more of US are waking up! This Independence Day, let's all do our utmost of begin countering the tearing down of America.  Don't be afraid anymore to talk to friends and relatives about how you really feel! Become more and more informed about what is happening and express your views to your elected Representatives in Congress. Our precious Republic is worth fighting for and will survive if the people do what is necessary.  Well, time to hit the road again.  I hope and pray that you will have a safe and blessed Independence Day celebration! Remember what this day stands for and let's all do what we must to preserve it.  
This year in particular God has been reminding me of what He has done in my life.  The giving of thanks to my God begins first by thanking Him for the gift of Salvation through His Son Jesus, the Christ, who is God incarnate!! When we think of Christmas we need to remember to not only think of the miracle of God being made flesh to "dwell among us," but of the reason that He came in the first place. God seeks to draw us to Himself in order to have fellowship with us.  We are His creation, His children.  Let's  be ever thankful for what God did to bring us back to Himself through the sacrifice of Jesus dying on the cross.  

Our Heavenly Father wants us to be thankful as well for things that we often take for granted.  As an OTR Truck Driver, I have learned there are simple things that I used to take for granted (i.e., fellowship with believers in my home church, spending time doing "nothing" at home with my spouse) I am so very thankful that by being away from my home for weeks at a time, God has shown me how to REALLY TREASURE the gifts He has blessed me with.  My wonderful and amazing wife is chief among His blessings in my life!! I thank Him for keeping me safe on the road and for watching over my wife and other loved ones while I am away from home.  What things do you take for granted in your life? Think about them and remember to count them as blessings and give thanks to God!

We are meant to be CONNECTED with other followers of Christ.  Even though I'm away from home on the road, God has enabled me, through social networking like twitter and Facebook to stay connected with other believers and meet new people.  I know it's not the same as meeting others face to face, but connections are made and God's name is magnified.  Praise be to God for giving us, in our varied experiences at work and at home a chance to have fellowship with one another.  

As we enter a new year in just a few short days, let's make it a time of THANKSGIVING as well as the usual "resolution" making.  Praise God for who He is and for what He has done and is continuing to do in our lives!
I often wonder what causes such huge differences in people? Specifically I'd just like to share a few thoughts about Liberals (i.e. Progressives) and Conservatives (of which I am one).  I have to admit I don't know what makes Liberals think the way they do,  but I know why I, as a Conservative, think the way I do...so I'll share what I do know.

I believe that having God in my life and Christ as my Lord and Savior gives me purpose in my life.  I was created by God to have fellowship with Him.  I have free choice in what I do with my life, but my outlook stems from knowing that I have a Creator who loved me enough to send His Son, Jesus Christ to give His life for mine (John 3:16)

I don't know the heart of those who think differently than I about life, political issues, social issues, etc. But I know that there are many people who seem not to have a purpose in life.  Human beings want to know that their life has meaning.

Take the Global Warming/Climate Change issue.  There are many who seem to have latched onto this with such passion simply because they NEED something to give their life meaning.  This is a poor substitute for a personal living relationship with a living God through Jesus Christ.  I believe that people substitute many issues, other people, political figures, etc. for the One God who should have their devotion.

All I can do is share what I believe and pray for others.  With these thoughts I did not intend to say that all Liberals are Godless or all Conservatives are Christians.  I just had to get these thoughts down and share them with you.  Thanks, and may God bless you!
As you and so many others are out on the roads this Labor Day weekend, I just wanted to share some safe driving tips from a Big Rig driver's perspective.  The main objective of safe driving is obviously to arrive at your destination with yourself and your loved ones intact.

1. Plan ahead for your trip.  If you are going on a longer trip out of town, especially to an urban area that you aren't familiar with, make sure to know what your exits are going to be.  This will eliminate any confusion later when you are trying to negotiate heavy traffic and find your way at the same time.

2. Know what is around you at all times.  By this I mean that you should always leave a cushion of space around your vehicle. When in heavy traffic, especially through construction zones or in congested areas, be cognizant of speed limits and do your best to adhere to them. 

3. Don't let other things distract you from the task of driving your vehicle. I think everyone has driven while distracted at one time or another.  We need to eliminate this practice. Some examples: trying to eat food, manage a hot beverage, changing the CD, or talking on a cell phone.  Please don't let other things occupy your mind or your physical actions while driving.  Also, DO NOT text while driving! I've seen many people doing it, please don't be one of them.  Several states are making it against the law so just consider that it already IS against the law.

4. Stay out of the "NO ZONE" when around 18 wheelers. This means, don't pass and then cut quickly in front of a big truck.  We can't stop as quickly as you might think.  A good rule of thumb is to not cut back over until you can see both headlights in your rear view mirror. Don't hang out in the lane immediately by the side of a big truck, either slow down or speed up to avoid this area. Also, watch your following distance.  If you can't see the side mirrors on the truck, that means we cannot see you!

5. Don't be in a hurry! It is better to get where you are going safely than to not get there at all.  Be courteous to other drivers and yield the right of way to them even if you think it should be yours.  Keep your cool.

6. Plan your merge. When you are on the "on ramp" to the interstate, look early at the traffic flow of the vehicles on the highway, mentally pick a spot to merge into BEFORE getting to the highway.  This may sound difficult, but with a little practice it will make the merging experience safer for you.  As you get closer to the merge point try to match your speed with those on the road so you are not going too slowly when you enter the highway nor too fast that you don't have time for adjustments. 

Remember, most Professional Truck Drivers do care about YOUR safety! However, there are some out there that don't drive safely (tailgating you for instance).  If a driver is riding your bumper don't hesitate to call 911 to report it. 

These are just a few things off the top of my head I wanted to suggest. 

Please be careful out there and have a safe and enjoyable Holiday! 
Seven years ago I was a different person. I had my work as a teacher, my play time on the weekends (I lived for the weekends!) and that coveted summer schedule of time off! (which isn't really the entire summer and usually not really time off!) But things change. I knew that I wasn't meant to teach elementary and middle school students any longer.
Through circumstances that God allowed in my life, I came to the decision to learn how to drive an 18 wheeler.  I learned that God wasn't finished with me...he was barely getting started!  Changes were still to come.

I made the move from Washington State (mountains, pristine bays, evergreen forests) to Nebraska (cornfields, crazed football fans, cornfields!) I went from Huskies to Huskers! The biggest change was that God brought me together with the love of my life, my wife Judy, born and raised in the heartland of America.
But keep reading, my main point is still to come!

The "rest of the story" (as the late Paul Harvey so eloquently put it) is that my entire attitude has undergone a transformation since I first climbed up into the seat of that big rig.  A few years ago I finally gave in and bought satellite radio. Having the music anywhere was cool!  But then...*gasp* talk radio got me hooked along with Fox News! Never before had I cared about current events other than what was happening in my own little world.  I had no interest in things political...heck, the first time I could vote (please forgive me!) I voted for Jimmy Carter!  Through XM radio and conservative talk, my eyes were opened to what was happening across and within my Country.  I am now no longer simply going about life.  As many people, I had without realizing it been keeping my head buried in the sand like an ostrich. I wasn't meant to BE an ostrich! After pulling my head out of the sand and looking around, I realized that I was a different species of bird...an Eagle! A person with a watchful eye that cares about what is going on in this great Nation! I even went so far as to start calling and emailing my elected officials on a regular basis (imagine that!)

Yes, I woke up and spread my wings like the majestic symbol of our United States of America! I think my experience is not so different from what many of you have gone through.  But there are many still with their heads in the sand, ignoring what is going on around them. I say:  Let's wake 'em up!!
I'm brand new at this, but wanted to share some basic  thoughts on things that are happening in our Country. As I drive over-the-road picking up and delivering freight, I appreciate what a wonderful Country we live in! The natural beauty of our great land is matched only by the greatness of the people that I meet.  I believe in America and real patriotic Americans!  With the current administration in the White House and Leadership in Congress (or lack thereof) I am growing more and more concerned about where our Country is headed.  Our Liberty is being stolen from us, not in a subtle way, but in an increasingly disturbing grab for power by those in power in Washington.  This does not have to be so! We've seen a huge uprising in our midst of people from all walks of life, declaring that "We The People" have the power! We've seen people begin to wake up and use their voices through letters, emails, phone calls, social networking and personal presence at town hall and "tea party" gatherings. (I'm one who never thought I'd be "blogging" ...if that's what I'm doing!) As I cut this first post short, I'm going to borrow a phrase from our President's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel: "Never let a crisis go to waste." Well, our beloved Country and what it was founded on is facing a crisis and we shall not let it go to waste...we are mobilizing to stand up and say: "We the People" are keeping our Country the way it should be kept!  Thanks for reading! I look forward to sharing more in the days to come.  You all are my inspiration :-)